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Envirolet VF Cottage Installation Photo Collection

Check out this collection of photos of an installation of an Envirolet VF vacuum flush composting toilet system at a cottage in Canada.

The installation was not a typical one. The toilet in the cottage was to be located about 50’ (15m) from the remote composting unit (housed in a shed). This is farther than most installations, but the powerful vacuum flush proved itself. The customer also wanted to be able to use the toilet system in the cold Canadian winter months so some extra insulation and heat cable was added to prevent freezing.

One of the Most Popular Applications for Composting Toilets

Often when one thinks of a composting toilet, they think of a cottage, cabin or one of the other terms used to describe a vacation home.

Other common terms are chalets, camps, log homes, country homes, retreats, trailers, etc. This is especially true in North America.

The style of the building and the location varies greatly, but the purpose is generally the same: to enjoy some relaxing time away from the city.

Often, these spots are free of running water and electricty. But, they can also have all the bells and whistles of a modern city dwelling. Some are lakefront properties and some are deep in the woods.

Regardeless of particularities, composting toilets have proven to be a viable sanitation solution. As you probably know, composting toilets use little or no water at all and come in a selection of power choices, including non-electric, 12VDC battery and 120VAC electric.

A typical cottage installation

Special Considerations
• Be sure to choose a system that will handle your family and your guests! Cottages & cabins will often have extra visitors so be prepared to handle them all!
• Check local regulations regarding draining, if required. The rules usually are in place to make sure any drainage is a certain distance from any river, lake, well, etc.
• Be sure to educate any guests on how to use the system, or more importantly, how not to use the system! Put a sign or instruction sheet up on the bathroom wall telling visitors how to treat your composting toilet system. Most things are common sense, like not adding cigarette butts or garbage, but better safe than sorry. This is especially important if you rent out your cottage or cabin.