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Emergency & Back-Up

Help Finding HELP

HELP House In a follow-up to the HELP house that we previously mentioned, we wanted to mention their web site.

You can vist them online at www.helpishere.us.

On the site there are many photos of the house, including inside.

Housing Every Last Person

Architect Carib Daniel Martin and builder Rob Bragan in Bethesda, MD conceived and built the HELP house with $8,000 and labour provided by neighborhood kids.

“The basic structure, which measures 8 by 12 feet, includes a kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping space for three. Solar power, a gravity-fed water supply and a composting toilet would make it self-sufficient. Units can be combined, moved and reused.” [Via The Miami Herald]

HELP stands for Housing Every Last Person and Martin and Bragan hope to be able to supply them to US hurricane victims but are having trouble getting heard by the right people, i.e., FEMA.

Composting Toilets Being Used in Disaster Relief Effort

Composting Toilets are being used in emergency shelters are being set-up by World Shelters for those affected by Hurricaine Katrina.

Read the complete story in the Times-Standard.

A Solution for Emergencies or for back-ups

A compost toilet can provide an easy-to-install & economical solution for emergency situations or as a back-up. A composting toilet system is ideal because it uses no water and does not require power.

Because power may be limited or unavailable in an emergency situation, a Non-Electric or 12VDC model is ideal.