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Composting Toilets for Homesteaders

Homestead.org shows its readers that a composting toilet is a viable and eco-friendly sanitation solution for them in Cutting the Utilical Cord.

Shanty Townb Becomes Green Town

A so-called “Shanty Town” in the UK is going to re-build itself with an eco-touch.

“Residents gain permission to build new homes – but they need to move soon or buildings will disappear over edge.

The motley collection of wooden shacks, caravans and converted railway carriages has been part of the East Coast landscape as long as anyone can remember.”

It continues…

“Some of the replacements will be log cabins – with one eco-friendly design standing out as being true to the Shantytown recycling spirit – a circular building made of straw bales with a lime render finish, a “living” sedum roof and composting toilets.”

Via Yorkshire Post Today.

Waterless Composting Toilets in the UK

Quick blurb. A waterless composting toilet put to good use in the UK.

Learn more on composting toilets and the UK.

Composting Toilets for Residential Homes

Composting toilets are slowly becoming more common for residential home applications. People are coming around to the concept of saving valuable water. This is especially true in rural areas that are often not connected to a municipal sewage system.

Residential systems are often of the remote variety, with the composting unit located below the house or in a basement and the toilet located in the bathroom (of course!). The toilet in these types of system can either be waterless or low water.

Envirolet® Waterless Remote System

Envirolet® Low Water Remote System

Special Considerations
• Be sure choose a system that will handle your entire family. The capacity of a composting toilet system will usually differ based on power type. Non-electric models will generally have the lowest capacity and AC Electric models will have the highest.
• Check local regulations regarding drainage, if required. Some systems, especially low water models, will require an excess liquid drain. This effluent be drained properly.