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Places That Composting Toilets Are Used

Composting toilets can be used in so many places, so we decided that this topic deserved to be its own category.

The topic of applications for composting toilets is briefly discussed in a sub-category of Composting Toilets Explained. We hope to go investigate further specific applications. The pros and cons of a composting toilet in various settings.

Use the sub-categories on the menu on the left or the list below to go to each specific application page. Please keep in mind that we are comntantly adding more & more info. So some sections may be a little light on the content but as we have more it will be posted.

• Airplanes Hangars
Cottages & Cabins
• Emergency & Back-Up
• Farms & Barns
• Golf Courses
• Guard Towers
• Homes
Marine & Boats
• Military
• Oil Rigs
Pool Cabanas
• RVs
• Sky Cranes
• Trains
• Treehouses
• Warehouses & Factories
• Workshops
• Yurts