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Envirolet Composting Toilet on Award-Winning Narrowboat

Envirolet Composting Toilet System on award-winning Shoehorn, a Simpson-made narrowboat in the UK.

“The toilet was Marion’s choice and, if you can get over the notion of a W.C. without any W, it has a lot going for it on a boat – chiefly that a single live-aboard boater will probably only have to empty it once a year and then what comes out is a tray of flowerpot ready compost. Compare that with expensive pump-outs or weekly cassette emptying!”

Via Canal Boat Magazine.


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What's a Narrowboat!

Many readers of Composting Toilet World, especially those in North America, may not know what a narrowboat is. I admit that I didn’t until a few years ago. Narrowboats are quite popular in the UK.

A narrowboat is what it sounds like. It is a boat that is long and narrow. According to Wikipedia, modern narrowboats are just under 7 feet wide and typically up to 72 long (although some locks restrict them to 40 or 62 feet in length).

I would compare them to the North American houseboat. Basically, a boat that moves leisurely down a river. They are a great way to spend a vacation with your family and can be rented (or hired) for as little as a half day or as long as the entire summer!

Composting Toilets & Narrowboats
Obviously, sanitation can pose as a major problem on a narrowboat. A composting toilet offers a clean, sanitary and environment-friendly solution.

Compared to the alternative, a chemical toilet, composting makes a lot of sense. Well, we think so!

Do you already have a composting toilet in your narrowboat?
Let us know. Email your experiences and photos to info@compostingtoilet.org.