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Mexican Composting Latrine

A nice story about a composting toilet system in Mexico.

Composting Toilet Outhouse Installations

Looking to build a green outhouse with a composting toilet system? Check out this post on Greenthinkers about these Envirolet compost toilet system outhouses in Wisconsin built by Bayfield Builders. Bayfield reports continued success with his installations.



if you contact Bayfield they can help you with plans.

Envirolet Waterless Remote Tank Installed in Composting Outhouse

While we’re showing some installations, here is another. This Envirolet Waterless Remote System is installed in a “composting outhouse.” Looks great.

Ted writes, “Hello, I built an outhouse for a customer. It is all cedar and is the best looking outhouse I have ever seen. I installed one of your units in it, and it is working great. if you want to see pictures of it, or if any of your clients want to see a real life working
model I have a web page with pictures.”

See more photos at www.bayfieldbuilders.com