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Very Popular Photo on Flickr

This is a great photo of a composting toilet that is very popular on on the Flickr photo sharing web site.

The caption reads:

I love my Envirolet!!

Very nice words from Envirolet Composting Toilet System user…


I have been interested in owning a Envirolet Composting toilet since I was 17 and saw the ad in the back of Mother Earth News. I begged my mom but never succeeded in getting her to purchase one.

Finally at 27 I am a proud owner of my very own Envirolet. I live in a small camper trailor on an organic farm in Minnesota. I did not want to stink up my living quarters by using the toilet inside. I was surfing the net and found a website called “Twin Cities Free Market”, folks post stuff they do not want in hopes that someone will come and pick it up. Everything posted is free! A wonderful woman, posted an Envirolet and she chose me to be the new owner! She said she received 57 emails in response to her post.

She loved her envirolet but, was moving to Mexico and could not transport it with her.

I could not be happier with my new toilet. I put it behind the trailor and every morning put on my rubber boots and house coat and admire my surroundings while using the Envirolet. I installed a gravity water system next to it so, I have everything but a shower at my trailor.

Thanks for the wonderful design! I will have it until I move to Mexico!”


Emily S.
North Branch, MN”

Full story here.