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What is a Composting Toilet?

On Site Waste Treatment Plants

Composting toilets are toilet systems which treat human waste by composting and dehydration to produce a useable end-product that is a valuable soil additive.

They come in a variety of models and brand names as well as different shapes and designs to enhance the natural composting process.

They use little or no water, are not connected to expensive sewage systems, cause no environmental damage and produce a valuable resource for gardening.

The systems can be broadly divided into two different types:


With the batch systems, a container is filled and then replaced with an empty container. The composting process is completed inside the sealed container. The system may have a single, replaceable container. Or it may be a carousel system where 3 or 4 containers are mounted on a carousel and a new container is spun into the toilet area when the other is full. After a full cycle is complete, the first container is fully composted and ready for emptying.


These systems are in a constant state of composting. Waste enters the system, composting reduces the volume and moves it downward where it is harvested after 6-12 months as fully composted material.

All systems are designed to treat the waste material by composting, worm processing, micro- and macro-organism breakdown, and by dehydration and evaporation of moisture.

There are a wide variety of systems including:

• Owner-built, two chamber mouldering systems that are basic, but effective.
• Owner-built from concrete blocks and concrete inclined base. Constructed in with the house foundations.
• Manufactured, small, self-contained and remote systems suitable for vacation and full-time home use.
• Manufactured, large tank, inclined base models suitable for heavy loadings.
• Wide variety of small units which fit into existing bathrooms. Many have dehydration fans and heaters.
• Vacuum flush unit for production of worm castings.
• Full flush systems with centrifugal action to deposit wastes into composting chamber.

New technologies and products, as well as over 30 years experience is now setting the scene for a major expansion of composting toilets throughout the world.