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Composting Toilet Outhouse Installations

Looking to build a green outhouse with a composting toilet system? Check out this post on Greenthinkers about these Envirolet compost toilet system outhouses in Wisconsin built by Bayfield Builders. Bayfield reports continued success with his installations.



if you contact Bayfield they can help you with plans.

Composting Toilet Consultants

While composting toilet technology appears relatively simple, if you are involved in large projects or in applications where conventional composting toilets may not be suitable, it could be a effective idea to get advice from a consultant.

They have had the hands-on experience of designing, installing and maintaining systems, and can be especially helpful where approvals from local council is difficult.

At the moment, there is no established code of practice for consultants. Ask about their experience to help to assess if they will be suitable for your particular situation.

Don’t forget that in this age of technology you can also get electronic consulting without the consultant actually going to the location. This is much less expensive, but without being there and seeing it, it can be difficult to fully assess circumstances.