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Ban The Flush Ad from 1977

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More on the history of composting toilets.

This is an old advertisement from 1977 for Envirolet Composting Toilets.

The creative slogan, Ban the Flush, is something that us here at Composting Toilet World fully agree with!

Self-Acting Earth Closet (1881)

Earth Cloest from 1881 Another example of early composting toilet history that throws the recent claims of some manufacturers that they invented composting toilets out the window.

A Composting Toilet World reader sent us in this wonderful photo of an advertisment for the “Self-Acting Earth Closet” from April, 1881 edition of “The Ironmongers’ Catalogue.”

The complete ad reads:
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Healthy Homes! Healthy Homes!!


Portable, and requires no fixing indoors or outside.

A substitute for the Water Closet, securing healthy homes, inoffensive drains, and garden fertility.

Prices from 55s.

“Thou shalt not pollute rivers or water-courses.”

DAVEY & CO., Sanitary, Gas and How Water Engineers,
12 South Place, FINSBURY, E.C.

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The History of Composting Toilets

This section is slowly being built…but here is the initial entry.

The Earth Commode from the 1860s
For now, check out the Earth Commode that was invented and patented in the 1860s by Reverend Henry Moule.

The Earth Commode

The Directions

The sign reads:

Patented June 15th, 1869.

EARTH CLOSET Co., Hartford, Conn.


The Earth must be dry and sifted.
Sand must not be used.
Rise from the seat QUICKLY!
No “slops” must be thrown down.
Before using, let one fall of earth be in the pail.

This is great!

History Lesson
So, for all the companies out there who claim to have invented composting toilets in Scandanavia, in the 1970s, you may be mistaken. I think Rev. Moule in Connecticut, USA beat you to it. This does look like a self-contained composting toilet.

And, don’t forget the Chinese, who have been using compost toilets for centuries.

Even more info on the Earth Commode can be found on the Outhouses of America Tour web site.