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Envirolet VF Now Available in North America

Envirolet launched a new composting toilet system called Envirolet VF at the Toronto Cottage Life Show last weekend. The system has been in development since at least 2004 with research and testing being performed in Canada and Scandinavia.

Envirolet VF is a vacuum flush composting toilet system. It is a joint effort from Envirolet (Sancor) and Dometic that combines a vacuum flush toilet and composting toilet system. Envirolet Vf eliminates many installation difficulties faced when trying to install below grade. In locations where previously only a waterless self-contained (all-in-one) type system would have worked, the VF can now be used because the powerful vacuum generator can flush up if needed.




Other than eliminating some installation issues, Envirolet VF also offers a modern-looking toilet in the bathroom, electronic flushing controls and improved composting features.

This system may help propel compost toilets more into the mainstream with its sleek appearance and ease of installation.

Composting Toilets on Google Video

You can now watch the Envirolet® composting toilet system video on Google Video.

Compost Accelerator

Just a heads up!

Envirolet Compost Accelerator is on sale now on Amazon.com.

Composting Toilets in a Modern World

Envirolet® Buzz has a nice little testimonial from a new compost toilet user in the UK who ordered and received their brand new Envirolet® Composting Toilet factory direct from Canada in 7 days.

Service like this will help bring composting toilets to many more people worldwide!

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Envirolet Composting Toilets


Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems have been used worldwide since 1977. Envirolet® is one of the premier composting toilets available today.

There are three types of Envirolet® Systems:

Waterless Self-Contained Systems
Waterless Remote Systems
Low Water Remote Systems

Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained Systems


All-in-one waterless units that install directly on the bathroom floor. Ideal for ground level or concrete floor installations. Available in non-electric, 12VDC battery (optional solar) and AC electric (120VAC or 240VAC) configurations.

How Envirolet® Works

Envirolet® uses a patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ process to significantly speed up the composting process.