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Changing His Lifestyle To Tread Lightly On Earth

One person, motivated by drought and his conscience, is making a difference in Arizona. He has changed his lifestyle so that he treads lightly on Earth. Part of his plan includes adding a composting toilet to his home.

“Brian Moore’s summertime shower is a hose thrown over a cottonwood limb.

His front-yard irrigation system gets its water from his clothes washer.

And if he had his druthers, his toilet would be a composting model, not the standard flush style.

This is not the lifestyle of a backcountry back-to-nature granola guy, but an environmentally conscientious man who lives comfortably in the middle of the sixth-largest city in the United States.”

This is a great story that teaches you that being nice to the environment involves only minor lifestyle changes.

Via: azcentral.com. Follow the link to read the entire article.

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