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Ninth Continental Bioregional Congress at Earthaven

Trailer Park Girl reports that she is heading to the Ninth Continental Bioregional Congress. The conference is from July 9-17.

The congress will focus on bioregions. “Bioregions are living systems where every being is connected to, and interdependent with every other; bioregions are not defined by property lines, states, or nations, but by rock, soil, weather, water, terrain, plants, animals, human cultures and human settlements.”

It is being held at Earthaven, an eco-village in North Carolina. Earthaven is 100% off-the-grid and they use composting toilets and recycle their greywater!

Some use manufactured compost toilet systems, while others use owner-built systems.

You can read more about what else they do at Earthaven in their Living Permaculture section.

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