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Fawsley Fayre Needs Composting Toilets!

Fawsley Fayre is a private festival for an extended family of friends in the country. It is a weekend of bands, DJs, poets, food, drink and more.


Composting Toilet World was contacted to see if we had any contacts for rental composting toilets in the UK. The festival takes place about an hour north of London. We do not know of any rental compost toilet systems out there, so we are posting this to see if anyone out there does.

The festival is Saturday, August 20 and the cost of a ticket is £25. This is a non-profit event and proceeds go to Oxfam’s Make Poverty History campaign.

Please visit the Fawsley Fayre 2005 web site or email us at info@compostingtoilet.org if you can help.

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