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Fourth Annual Burdock Gathering

The Burdock Festival is something that readers of Composting Toilet World would be interested in. If you are in the Maine area, check it out.

From Infoshop News:

“The Fourth Annual Burdock Festival will be held on August 2-9, 2005 in Starks, Maine. Burdock is a gathering for people to meet and connect with one another and work to create a free and sustainable world. We focus on bringing together people from urban and rural areas as well as people of different generations and cultures to learn, share, play and build solidarity together. We encourage young and old, Mainers and people from elsewhere, and people from all walks of life to come together at Burdock.

The week’s events will include making connections and building solidarity; workshops, discussions, and skillshares; children’s workshops and activities; camping out all week long; campfires, swimming, music and art; sharing in the care of our community; lots of fun and lots of free healthy food. Burdock is a rain-or-shine event.

At Burdock we are all participants and facilitators so everyone is encouraged to bring and share: workshops, skills, music, art, and food. If you have a workshop or something you are planning to offer please indicate so on your registration form, but last minute contributions are also welcome. We also need people to help organize Burdock and help set-up and take down. During the gathering, there are many ways you can participate: childcare and activities, kitchen, composting toilets, first aid and health assistance, collecting firewood, and more.”

Fourth Annual Burdock Gathering
Starks, Maine
PO Box 1582
Portland, ME 04104
Tuesday, August 2 2005 9am - Tuesday, August 9 2005 9pm

Complete details.

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