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OSHAWA, Ontario (October 5, 2010) - Sancor Industries Ltd. (http://www.sancorindustries.com/), a leading manufacturer of composting toilets, has partnered with well known actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. and his Living With Ed brand. Begley will help promote both the Envirolet® and Santerra Green composting toilet systems as an economical and environment-friendly alternative to traditional sanitation systems.

Both Envirolet and Santerra Green systems have more features than competing composting toilets, such as the patented Automatic Six-Way AerationTM, which speeds up the composting and evaporation process through forced air, heat and natural microbe action. Each product line comes in non-electric, 12VDC battery and AC electric models and offers both waterless and low water options. Popular applications of the Sancor product line include homes, cottages, cabins, work shops, basements, garages, pool cabanas or any location where sanitation is required.

“Sancor’s composting toilets are the best I’ve seen on the market today,” said Begley. “I firmly believe in both the products and feel that composting toilets are a tangible way to help reduce your impact on the environment by transforming waste into useable compost.”

As a leader of the green movement, Begley has a long history of initiating change and serving in several major roles including chairman of the Environmental Media Association and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. He is also involved in other environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth and Tree People. Because of his strong involvement and dedication, he has won a number of awards from several prestigious environmental groups including the California League of Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Defense Council, among others.

Begley doesn’t just promote green living and technology, he actually lives it. He currently resides in a self-sufficient home powered by solar energy just outside of Los Angeles.

About Sancor Industries Ltd.:
Headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario, Sancor Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of advanced environmental composting toilet systems under the brands Envirolet and Santerra Green. Envirolet has been sold factory direct to consumers worldwide since 1977 and Santerra Green is sold through select retailers and dealers in the United States and Canada. Sancor continues to manufacture product in North America and offers the longest warranty in the composting toilet industry. In 2009, Envirolet FlushSmart VF models were selected for the “25 Products That Might Just Change The World” by Bloomberg Businessweek and revolutionized the industry by changing the perception of what a composting toilet looks like. For more information, visit Envirolet.com or SanterraGreen.com.

Media Contact
Malea Barron, GS&F, (615) 385-1100, mbarron@gsandf.com

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Composting Toilets Lookin' Good

Envirolet® by Sancor changes what a composting toilet can look like with its many options and styles. Like no other out there. Take a look.

From Product Photos

From Product Photos

From Product Photos

From Product Photos

Learn more about Envirolet® at envirolet.com.

25 Products That Might Just Change The World

Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems have been included in the 25 Products That Might Just Change The World list by BusinessWeek.
Specifically, the Envirolet® FlushSmart VF System was commended for being able to “…combine the environmental benefits of waste composting with a low-flush, traditional toilet.”

FlushSmart VF models truly provide comfort and style (2 bowl designs available) along with numerous environmental benefits. Systems flush with as little as 0.2L of water and convert waste to compost.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Since the holiday season is here we thought we would try and feature a few items that anyone interested in the environment and sanitation might be interested in.

The first is a great book called The New Create an Oasis with Greywater by Art Ludwig.

The book teaches you how to “quickly and easily choose, build, and use a simple greywater system. Some can be completed in an afternoon for under $30.

It also provides complete instructions for more complex installations, how to deal with freezing, flooding, drought, failing septics, low perk soil, non-industrialized world conditions, coordinating a team of professionals to get optimum results on high-end projects, and “radical plumbing” that uses 90% less resources.”

Envirolet Composting Toilet in Maine Cottage

Composting toilet in-the-field. See the pics and story here of a composting toilet on Maine, USA.

From Envirolet Self-Contained in Freeport, Maine

Composting Toilet Reviews

You will find a few reviews out there of composting toilet systems. Some good, some bad. Be sure to consider that there are literally hundreds of thousands of composting toilet systems installed in North America alone. The vast majority worked exactly as they should.

Many composting toilet makers post reviews and testimonials on their site. Here is a nice collection from Envirolet®, who seem to have the most posted, of testimonials from Envirolet® Buzz. This is a good sample of the success of composting toilets in-the-field. (The list has been cut short so as not to take up to much room on the page. If you click More you can continue reading.)

  • Envirolet Reviews: MS10 in Ontario
  • Envirolet Reviews: New Jersey Yoga Studio
  • Envirolet Low Water in Ontario
  • Envirolet MS10 in Colorado
  • Envirolet MS10 in New Hampshire: “We love the system.”
  • Envirolet Low Water Remote in Ontario
  • Envirolet Waterless Remote in PA
  • Envirolet at Gaining Ground in Massachusetts
  • Envirolet MS10 in Michigan Replace Bucket “System”
  • Envirolet in Oregon Shop
  • “Life at the cabin has finally become civilized.”
  • Envirolet Low Water in Massachusetts: “It’s working great!”
  • Envirolet in NY: “Cabin living has never been better.”
  • Envirolet Low Water Remote in Wisconsin
  • Envirolet DC12 in Nova Scotia
  • Envirolet in Southern California Basement
  • Hundreds of Envirolet Testimonials
  • Envirolet WRS in Florida Guest House
  • Envirolet DC12 in Colorado
  • Envirolet in Beautiful Pennsylvania Home
  • Envirolet Waterless Remote in PA
  • Cowboy Envirolet!
  • Envirolet MS10 in Wisconsin
  • Envirolet MS10 in Nova Scotia
  • Envirolet Provides Sanitation for Utah Yurt
  • Envirolet FlushSmart VF System in Ontario
  • Envirolet Basic Plus in Wyoming
  • Hawaiian Envirolet Waterless Remote System
  • Cabin Owners in Wisconsin Add 2nd Envirolet
  • Northern Wisconsin Hunting Camp with Envirolet MS10
  • Envirolet MS10 customers in Missouri are “spreading the word” for us!
  • Envirolet Waterless Remote in NY
  • 8 Year Old Envirolet Waterless Remote in Michigan
  • 11 Year Old Envirolet in Wisconsin
  • Envirolet Basic Plus Barn Installation
  • Envirolet Basic Plus in NY
  • New Hampshire “Outhouse” Fitted with Envirolet
  • With Envirolet: “The camp is getting a lot more use…”
  • Envirolet DC12: “We love it!”
  • Envirolet Basic Plus (Non-Electric) in Wisconsin
  • “I love it!!!! This is my second Envirolet toilet.”
  • Pre-Loved Envirolet Was Selling Feature at Ontario Cottage
  • Envirolet MS10 in Wyoming Bunkhouse
  • Foster in Nova Scotia: “The toilet works GREAT!”
  • Harold In Texas: “Amazed at the ease of operating of our new MS10”
  • Envirolet MS10 in Quebec Boathouse
  • In Washington: “Everyone really likes the comfort and convenience of the Envirolet”
  • Envirolet FlushSmart VF System Installation Update, Part 2
  • Envirolet Basic Plus in Colorado
  • 8 Year Old Envirolet Low Water Remote System in Ontario
  • Envirolet WRS in 145 Year Old New Brunswick Farmhouse
  • “This is twice that I have been more than satisfied with your service.”
  • “I am amazed at the odorless results,” says Ricardo in Hawaii
  • Envirolet FlushSmart VF System Installation Update, Part 1
  • Envirolet in Cape Cod Beach House
  • “The Envirolet is a dream at the cottage,” says Ron in Ontario
  • Envirolet is a Holy Convenience in the UK
  • Envirolet in Antarctic at E-Base 2041
  • Envirolet Basic Plus in New Brunswick
  • Envirolet Waterless Self-Contained in Texas
  • Envirolet Waterless Remote in Ontario
  • Lucky Envirolet Spends its Time in Hawaii
  • “We love our Envirolet” Says Missouri Customer
  • Envirolet Doing the Job in Garage Apartment
  • Envirolet Provides 15 Years of Service
  • Airplane Hangar Installation
  • Envirolet in Colorado “Outhouse”
  • Envirolet Allows for “Dream Cabin” in South Carolina
  • Envirolet in Washington: “We love it.”
  • Envirolet in Washington “has worked out terrifically.”
  • “Many thanks for producing such a good product”
  • Envirolet MS10 in Virginia Cabin
  • “The Martha’s Vineyard Killer” & Her Envirolet Low Water Remote
  • “Our neighbor saw ours and went and got one for their place too.”
  • “Love our Waterless Remote”
  • Envirolet in New Brunswick Cottage
  • Envirolet in Vermont: “Thanks for a great product that serves an important need!”
  • Envirolet in BC: “We are very satisfied.”
  • Envirolet in Virginia: “making ‘roughing it’ so much easier.”
  • Envirolet MS10 in Sweden
  • In-the-Field Photos: Emptying an Envirolet
  • Envirolet Replaces Outhouse at 9200 Feet!
  • Envirolet in Garage Loft has “provided the solution.”
  • Envirolet in Wisconsin: “The Greatest Toilet”
  • Envirolet Provides 16+ Years of Reliability
  • Envirolet MS10 in BC: “What a HUGE difference this made.”
  • Envirolet is NS is helping couple to “take advantage of our little piece of paradise!”
  • Envirolet in Wisconsin: “Exceeded our Expectations”
  • Envirolet in Muskoka (Ontario): “It’s my favourite room in the place!”
  • Envirolet WRS in Ontario: “Works like a charm.”
  • Envirolet in Colorado: “Thank you for a great lifestyle product!”
  • Envirolet WRS in NY: “I can only say that we love it.”
  • Envirolet Basic Plus in Ohio: “Thank you for an outstanding product.”
  • Envirolet MS10 in Saskatchewan Cottage
  • Envirolet MS10 in Ontario
  • Envirolet in New York Working Great
  • Envirolet in Airplane Hangar - “The perfect answer.”
  • Envirolet in Hawaii: “We like it so much we hope it will become a long term toilet solution for our eco-village!”
  • “Your toilet proved to be the best.”
  • “It has worked perfectly since the moment we installed it.”
  • Envirolet in Massachusetts: “Thank you for a wonderful product.”
  • Envirolet in NC: “Thank you for your good design and proven performance.”
  • “Thank you and the staff for the prompt delivery, it was excellent service.”
  • Envirolet DC12 Helps Couple Live a Sustainable Life in Wisconsin
  • Envirolet in Manitoba - “Worked great all last summer and emptying it was a breeze.”
  • “I have strongly recommended this Composting Toilet to many friends at our lake.”
  • “Professionalism and a positive solving.”
  • Envirolet MS10 in Pennsylvania Church
  • “We love our unit.” - Envirolet in Wisconsin
  • Envirolet in Roman Bath House in UK, Part 2
  • Envirolet in Roman Bath House in UK, Part 1
  • “It was a much needed addition to the camp and is working out extremely well.”
  • Envirolet MS10 in New Jersey
  • “Since April 2005 we have owned the 110 Waterless Remote and couldn’t be happier.”
  • “I did a lot of homework before I purchased and Envirolet was the best value and quality.”
  • 8 Year Old Envirolet at BC Cottage
  • “Will recommend them to my friends.”
  • “This is our 5th season with the system and we couldn’t be any happier with it.”
  • “Last year, we installed our third Envirolet toilet at our cottage.”
  • Selected Envirolet Over the Competitors; Happy with Decision
  • No More Trips to the Outhouse
  • Envirolet in Converted Barn in PA
  • Envirolet Working Great in BC
  • 48 Years of Outhouse Trips Now Over!
  • Happy Buyers at Cottage Life Show
  • Envirolet Basic Plus in Kentucky Outhouse
  • Envirolet Obvious Choice vs. $12,000 Septic System
  • Envirolet User Helping to Spread the Buzz
  • Supersonic Loo
  • Envirolet Saving Water in Oregon
  • Envirolet Operates Odor-Free in Minnesota
  • Envirolet in Nova Scotia Cabin
  • Envirolet Provides Green Sanitation Solution for Church
  • Cindy Loves Both of Her Envirolet Systems
  • We Try Hard!
  • Escape Artist Loves His Envirolet
  • Envirolet is “easy to empty and keeps any contaminants from entering any water supply.”
  • “The design and mechanical workings of your system surpass others that we considered.”
  • Happy BC Customer with 7 Year Old Low Water System
  • Envirolet Basic Plus (Non-Electric) in Michigan
  • Bayfield Builders Outhouse Update
  • Envirolet the Tundra Toilet in Alaska
  • Envirolet MS10 installation in Minnesota
  • Envirolet Waterless Remote in Kingston, Ontario
  • “I am very satisfied with its operation.”
  • “We are very pleased with the MS10.”
  • “We have loved our system for over 10 years now.”
  • “Your composting system saved the day.”
  • Envirolet DC12 in use for Maryland Trail Club
  • “We have been EXTREMELY pleased with our Envirolet system!”
  • 10 Year Old Envirolet Waterless Remote in Maine
  • “Way Too Easy.”
  • Envirolet Low Water Remote System in Ontario
  • ” I never thought that I would be bragging about a toilet!”
  • “I was very impressed with your friendly manner…”
  • “…takes up less space than one would imagine.”

  • Composting Toilet Video of the Day

    Removing the bottom panel on Envirolet® composting toilet systems.

    See more at http://www.youtube.com/envirolet.

    Envirolet DC12 Available on eBay

    Quick post to mention an Envirolet® DC12 12v composting toilet system, in special black colour, available for purchase on eBay now. Go here to bid and maybe get a good deal.

    100 Arrested for Not Having Toilets

    100 people in Uganda have been arrested for not having a toilet. This is not a funny story at all. It demonstrates the serious sanitation issue faced by so many today:

    “Local authorities have arrested at least 100 Ugandans for failing to build toilets in their homes in the midst of a cholera epidemic that has killed 8 people and infected 164, state media reported Wednesday.”

    Via Reuters.

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    Spreading the Word on Composting Toilets

    Some Envirolet composting toilet users (see their Emptying Photo Set) and Composting Toilet World fans talk to people & spread the word at a local fair in Red Deer, Alberta about composting toilets!

    View the slideshow below. May not work in RSS reader.

    Use a Composting Toilet and Save Water

    This article, Sustainable Living: Improving the efficiency of water use offers some great advise on how to dramatically save water use:

    “Replace your old toilet with a new, water-efficient model or a composting toilet and save up to 75,000 gallons of water per year.”

    We could not agree more!

    California Needs Composting Toilets...

    Read why here.

    And, we're back...

    As you may have seen, Composting Toilet World was offline for the past few days. We apologize for any confusions and any odd feed subscription emails you may have received. The good news is that we appear to be back in business and operating properly.

    55,000 Views and Counting!

    We wrote a few weeks ago about how the Envirolet Composting Toilets video had been viewed over 42,000 times on Google Video.

    We wanted to try and beat 50,000 views. Well, it’s now been viewed over 55,000 times! This is great for composting toilets!

    Very Popular Photo on Flickr

    This is a great photo of a composting toilet that is very popular on on the Flickr photo sharing web site.

    The caption reads:

    I love my Envirolet!!

    Very nice words from Envirolet Composting Toilet System user…


    I have been interested in owning a Envirolet Composting toilet since I was 17 and saw the ad in the back of Mother Earth News. I begged my mom but never succeeded in getting her to purchase one.

    Finally at 27 I am a proud owner of my very own Envirolet. I live in a small camper trailor on an organic farm in Minnesota. I did not want to stink up my living quarters by using the toilet inside. I was surfing the net and found a website called “Twin Cities Free Market”, folks post stuff they do not want in hopes that someone will come and pick it up. Everything posted is free! A wonderful woman, posted an Envirolet and she chose me to be the new owner! She said she received 57 emails in response to her post.

    She loved her envirolet but, was moving to Mexico and could not transport it with her.

    I could not be happier with my new toilet. I put it behind the trailor and every morning put on my rubber boots and house coat and admire my surroundings while using the Envirolet. I installed a gravity water system next to it so, I have everything but a shower at my trailor.

    Thanks for the wonderful design! I will have it until I move to Mexico!”


    Emily S.
    North Branch, MN”

    Full story here.

    Envirolet VF Cottage Installation Photo Collection

    Check out this collection of photos of an installation of an Envirolet VF vacuum flush composting toilet system at a cottage in Canada.

    The installation was not a typical one. The toilet in the cottage was to be located about 50’ (15m) from the remote composting unit (housed in a shed). This is farther than most installations, but the powerful vacuum flush proved itself. The customer also wanted to be able to use the toilet system in the cold Canadian winter months so some extra insulation and heat cable was added to prevent freezing.

    Envirolet Compost Toilets Video Viewed Over 40,000 Times

    The Envirolet Composting Toilets video has been viewed over 42,000 times on Google Video!

    This is pretty great for composting toilets. So, we want to see if we can help it break the 50,000 views mark! So, check it out below or by going here.

    If you have a web site, go to the Google page for instructions on how to embed it on your site.

    Composting Toilet in Biothinking's List of the Top 40 Greenest Products

    Very cool! Biothinking’s list of the “World’s top 40 greenest products” includes an Envirolet composting toilet.


    Via Envirolet Buzz via Treehugger.

    National Geographic on Composting Toilets

    National Geographic discusses composting toilets. Enjoy!

    Free Composting Toilet Course in UK

    Low Luckens Organic Resource Centre is holding a six day residential course on composting your waste, looking at the history and theory of the process and providing practical hands-on experience. Training will be carried out by Nigel Lowthrop of Hill Holt Wood.

    Complete info here (opens new page with online document).

    Envirolet VF Now Available in North America

    Envirolet launched a new composting toilet system called Envirolet VF at the Toronto Cottage Life Show last weekend. The system has been in development since at least 2004 with research and testing being performed in Canada and Scandinavia.

    Envirolet VF is a vacuum flush composting toilet system. It is a joint effort from Envirolet (Sancor) and Dometic that combines a vacuum flush toilet and composting toilet system. Envirolet Vf eliminates many installation difficulties faced when trying to install below grade. In locations where previously only a waterless self-contained (all-in-one) type system would have worked, the VF can now be used because the powerful vacuum generator can flush up if needed.




    Other than eliminating some installation issues, Envirolet VF also offers a modern-looking toilet in the bathroom, electronic flushing controls and improved composting features.

    This system may help propel compost toilets more into the mainstream with its sleek appearance and ease of installation.

    UK Church Gets Funding for Composting Toilet

    “More than £11,500 has been made available to fund community projects in the Malmesbury area.

    Schemes include increasing storage for Hullavington Parents and Toddlers group and helping to provide a composting toilet at Hankerton Church.”

    Via Gazette & Herald.

    Composting Toilets for Homesteaders

    Homestead.org shows its readers that a composting toilet is a viable and eco-friendly sanitation solution for them in Cutting the Utilical Cord.

    Cooloola Wet-Composting Toilet System

    A very expensive “wet” composting toilet system is being installed at the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, north of Noosa (Australia).

    Via Media Newswire.

    Shanty Townb Becomes Green Town

    A so-called “Shanty Town” in the UK is going to re-build itself with an eco-touch.

    “Residents gain permission to build new homes – but they need to move soon or buildings will disappear over edge.

    The motley collection of wooden shacks, caravans and converted railway carriages has been part of the East Coast landscape as long as anyone can remember.”

    It continues…

    “Some of the replacements will be log cabins – with one eco-friendly design standing out as being true to the Shantytown recycling spirit – a circular building made of straw bales with a lime render finish, a “living” sedum roof and composting toilets.”

    Via Yorkshire Post Today.

    EcoCamp Patagonia

    We like highlighting places that use composting toilets. EcoCamp Patagonia in Chile uses composting toilets.

    “At the base of the Paine Massif lies the EcoCamp Patagonia, where nature-lovers are exposed to the elements while savoring lodging in geodesic domes that echo the wood, fur and skin huts that the region’s ancient inhabitants once occupied. Passive heating and lighting, composting toilets, recycling, raised walkways and removal of the domes each winter ensures minimal impact on this fragile environment. Windowed roofs allow guests to fall asleep staring at the Southern Cross and awake to a blood-red sunrise that tints the four granite horns of Torres del Paine with a pinkish hue.”

    Via Deadwood Magazine.

    Mexican Composting Latrine

    A nice story about a composting toilet system in Mexico.

    Composting Toilet Outhouse Installations

    Looking to build a green outhouse with a composting toilet system? Check out this post on Greenthinkers about these Envirolet compost toilet system outhouses in Wisconsin built by Bayfield Builders. Bayfield reports continued success with his installations.



    if you contact Bayfield they can help you with plans.

    Wanna Sell Composting Toilets?

    Santerra Green™ is looking for eco-minded folk like you!

    Santerra Green™ Composting Toilets are a new line of composting toilets that are being offered only by authorized dealers. If you are interested and want to sell composting toilets and save water, then visit santerragreen.com.

    Why we need waterless potties

    Whole Life Times tells us Why we need waterless potties in a nice little story promoting the worldwide use of composting and dry toilets.

    Angie's List Does Composting Toilets

    I had the pleasure of speaking to Kim Easton at Angie’s List about composting toilets for the November 2006 “Toilet Issue.” The more publicity for composting toilets the better!

    Check out The Toilet Issue. The composting toilet story is on page 30.

    The New Create an Oasis with Greywater

    Art at Oasis Design wanted to let everyone know about the new edition of his book The New Create an Oasis with Greywater.

    The book teaches you how to “quickly and easily choose, build, and use a simple greywater system. Some can be completed in an afternoon for under $30.

    It also provides complete instructions for more complex installations, how to deal with freezing, flooding, drought, failing septics, low perk soil, non-industrialized world conditions, coordinating a team of professionals to get optimum results on high-end projects, and “radical plumbing” that uses 90% less resources.”

    Buy the book.

    Envirolet Composting Toilet on Award-Winning Narrowboat

    Envirolet Composting Toilet System on award-winning Shoehorn, a Simpson-made narrowboat in the UK.

    “The toilet was Marion’s choice and, if you can get over the notion of a W.C. without any W, it has a lot going for it on a boat – chiefly that a single live-aboard boater will probably only have to empty it once a year and then what comes out is a tray of flowerpot ready compost. Compare that with expensive pump-outs or weekly cassette emptying!”

    Via Canal Boat Magazine.


    See more photos of Shoehorn.

    Composting Toilets in the Washington Post

    We love it when composting toilets get a nod in the mainstream media.

    Why Use a Composting Toilet

    Michelle of Wandering and Rambling tells us one of manmy reasons why you should us a composting toilet:

    “Every time you flush the toilet you are using more water than most people in the developing world have to use all day.”

    Treehugger Suggests Composting Toilets for Toronto

    Of course they do! Composting toilets would help solve a lot of problems. But, are they ready for the mainstream?

    We think so.

    Read the story here.

    CT for Composting Toilet

    Fighting Our Flush Fixation in The Washington Post likes composting toilets while Media Flush With Ideas about Saving Energy in NewsBusters seems to think that water-saving toilets like composting toilets are part of some left-wing conspiracy.

    I seem to think that saving water helps us all, no matter what side of the political fence you sit on.

    Composting Toilets on Google Video

    You can now watch the Envirolet® composting toilet system video on Google Video.

    Composting Toilets + Design

    Composting toilets can look as good or better in a bathroom than any flush toilet. Especially in a red bathroom. This post on Envirolet® Buzz about a waterless toilet proves it.

    Jack-a-Loo Composting Toilet in Singapore

    Singapore is getting into the composting toilet world:

    “Singapore’s first ecological toilet was launched yesterday at Bollywood Veggies, an organic farm in Kranji.

    If the experimental project is successful, the National Parks Board (NParks) may install dry toilets in their parks.

    Mr Yeong Yee Shyong, assistant director of facilities for NParks, said: ‘We will consider using the dry toilet technology if it is shown to be effective in managing waste disposal in our parks and gardens, without compromising on cost and public hygiene.”

    They made a compost toilet, nicknamed the Jack-a-Loo, to see how the technology works for them. Go Singapore!

    [Via The Electric New Paper, Singapore]

    The Humanure Handbook, 3rd Ed.

    The 3rd Edition of The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins is out now and available from Amazon.com.

    Envirolet on eBay Right Now

    You can get a great composting toilet system now on eBay. There are a few Envirolet Composting Toilet systems up right now, including a cool broght green coloured unit.

    Waterless Composting Toilets in the UK

    Quick blurb. A waterless composting toilet put to good use in the UK.

    Learn more on composting toilets and the UK.

    Envirolet Composting Toilets in Canada's Wish Magazine

    We love seeing composting toilets featured in the media!

    If you pick up the April 2006 copy of Canada’s Wish magazine, you will see Envirolet® Composting Toilets featured alongside Kohler, Amercian Standard and Toto in the Home Files section (page 86) under “5 of the Best” Toilets. The focus was on water-saving toilets.

    The article smartly points out that “28% of all home water is flushed down your toilet.”

    All the more reason to switch to a composting toilet to save valuable fresh water at your home, cottage, cabin, etc.

    Go to wish.ca to learn more about Wish magazine.

    [Via Envirolet Buzz]

    Egg Harbor Township Arboretum Getting Composting Toilet

    Just a quickie here. The Egg Harbor Township Arboretum in New Jersey is getting a composting toilet.

    Comments Comments Comments

    We have temporarily turned off Comments due to high volume of spam comments… We are working on a fix and will turn them back on soon.

    Extra Warranty Protection

    The warranty coverage on the Internal Components of Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems has increased from an already industry leading 4-years to 5-years. There is already a Lifetime Warranty on the system body.

    This covers electrical components (fans, heater, thermostats, wiring, etc.) plus all other internal parts like rakes, hardware, etc.

    The new warranty was just introduced, but customers who purchased their system in 2005 can upgrade to 5-years from 4 for a small fee.

    You can read more about it in the EnviroletCare™ section of their web site.

    Composting Toilets are the Answer!

    Composting toilets would solve a costly sewage issue in Montana!

    Unforntunately, the solution they are looking into too are not composting toilet systems and is very expensive.

    Envirolet Waterless Remote Tank Installed in Composting Outhouse

    While we’re showing some installations, here is another. This Envirolet Waterless Remote System is installed in a “composting outhouse.” Looks great.

    Ted writes, “Hello, I built an outhouse for a customer. It is all cedar and is the best looking outhouse I have ever seen. I installed one of your units in it, and it is working great. if you want to see pictures of it, or if any of your clients want to see a real life working
    model I have a web page with pictures.”

    See more photos at www.bayfieldbuilders.com

    Envirolet Low Water Remote System in Canada, Part 2

    Here is the other photo referred to in the last post.

    Shows only the Envirolet flexible vent, but that’s OK!

    The more photos and installation examples we get, the better!

    Envirolet Low Water Remote System in Canada

    “I only have 2 pictures of our new Envirolet toilet.

    We just installed it last summer. Next summer I can take some better pics for you if you would like. The first is a pic of the enclosure we built around the structure to protect from the high winds in Cape Breton. The second pic is of the toilet inside the house.

    It is a great product.”

    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

    Composting Toilets Mentioned During Canadian Election Campaigning

    Scott Janzen, the Green Party of Canada representative in the Burnaby-New Westminister riding (BC) was asked about Envirolet Composting Toilets in a recent interview:

    12. [This one’s for a little fun for my readers] What do you think of compost toilets such as Envirolets, www.envirolet.com? Do you have one and would you push for this to replace American Standards in every Canadian home? I mean, they are made in Canada afterall.

    I don’t have one of these toilets, but it looks like a good idea. I do have a low flush (6 litres per flush) toilet that has reduced our water use. I would think that the envirolet may be suitable in some sites, but I don’t know if it would work in a condo. I’ll have to read up on it.

    [Via The Voice of the Greens in Burnaby-New Westminster from an interview by Samantha Burns.]

    Composting Toilet Certification Claims

    We thought we would discuss briefly the topic of certifications and composting toilets in order to clarify a few things. We have received emails regarding some possibly confusing issues and hope to dispel any myths.

    Questions about NSF® Standard-41
    NSF® Standard-41 is a common standard looked for by many local and state authorities in the United States. This is a composting toilet system performance standard.

    On the web, you may find that some composting toilet companies claim that only NSF® can test to an NSF® standard, such as NSF® Standard-41.

    Is this true? Can only NSF® test to NSF® Standard-41?
    No, this is not true. Although NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation) created Standard-41, other Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) can test to the same standard. Among other reasons, this allows for fair competition by allowing companies to get local testing agencies to test their products.

    Any company that tells you or advertises this is either incorrect and/or misleading you.

    For example, Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems were tested and are certified to meet NSF® Standard-41 and ANSI/NSF-41 1998 by CSA®, the Canadian Standards Association.

    CSA® tests and certifies products to a wide range of regional, national and international standards, including standards written or administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and others. [Via CSA®.]

    If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact CSA® on the web or by calling 1-866-797-4272.

    What about claims of being the only certified or listed product?
    A product certified to an NSF® standard by another agency (e.g., CSA®, UL®) will not appear on the NSF® web site. But, will appear on the actual testing agency web site and/or a copy of the certification will be available from them upon request.

    What about claims of being the first certified or listed product?
    Again, this may be true. But, in reality, this is irrelevant. The first microwave oven certified many many years ago to a standard is not necessarily better than one certified last week.

    Composting toilets sit unused in Hawaii

    Two composting toilets were bought in 2000 for use at Kauai’s Milolii Beach, but they sit in storage still. So, the beach is not open to the public.

    Install them already!

    Read the story here.

    Concerned Resident Wants Composting Toilets to be Considered

    A concerned Citrus County, Florida resident is trying to push the use of composting toilets. Unforntunately, she is getting resistence despite the obvious environmental and cost benefits.

    A lot of the resistance is due to a true understanding of composting toilets and how they work. We have lots of work to do!

    Ban The Flush Ad from 1977

    Composting Toilet World

    More on the history of composting toilets.

    This is an old advertisement from 1977 for Envirolet Composting Toilets.

    The creative slogan, Ban the Flush, is something that us here at Composting Toilet World fully agree with!

    Self-Acting Earth Closet (1881)

    Earth Cloest from 1881 Another example of early composting toilet history that throws the recent claims of some manufacturers that they invented composting toilets out the window.

    A Composting Toilet World reader sent us in this wonderful photo of an advertisment for the “Self-Acting Earth Closet” from April, 1881 edition of “The Ironmongers’ Catalogue.”

    The complete ad reads:
    (Click on More at the bottom of this post to see a larger version of the ad.)

    Healthy Homes! Healthy Homes!!


    Portable, and requires no fixing indoors or outside.

    A substitute for the Water Closet, securing healthy homes, inoffensive drains, and garden fertility.

    Prices from 55s.

    “Thou shalt not pollute rivers or water-courses.”

    DAVEY & CO., Sanitary, Gas and How Water Engineers,
    12 South Place, FINSBURY, E.C.

    If you have an ad, photo or anything related to composting toilets, send it in to us to post!

    School Buzz

    File under “Yet Another Application for a Composting Toilet.”

    Envirolet® Buzz reports on an Envirolet® Composting Toilet System installed in a converted school bus in Texas.

    Converting a school bus to a place to live is a creative way to recycle. Using a sustainable item like a composting toilet is a perfect fit for this line of thinking.

    Help Finding HELP

    HELP House In a follow-up to the HELP house that we previously mentioned, we wanted to mention their web site.

    You can vist them online at www.helpishere.us.

    On the site there are many photos of the house, including inside.

    Housing Every Last Person

    Architect Carib Daniel Martin and builder Rob Bragan in Bethesda, MD conceived and built the HELP house with $8,000 and labour provided by neighborhood kids.

    “The basic structure, which measures 8 by 12 feet, includes a kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping space for three. Solar power, a gravity-fed water supply and a composting toilet would make it self-sufficient. Units can be combined, moved and reused.” [Via The Miami Herald]

    HELP stands for Housing Every Last Person and Martin and Bragan hope to be able to supply them to US hurricane victims but are having trouble getting heard by the right people, i.e., FEMA.

    Compost Accelerator

    Just a heads up!

    Envirolet Compost Accelerator is on sale now on Amazon.com.

    Another Spot to Advertise on CTW

    Another quick announcement about a new spot to advertise on Composting Toilet World…

    We have teamed with blogads and added a new spot on the right hand side menu. Click here to add your ad to CTW.

    A Lighter Shade of Green

    TechTown is GM’s new “green” industrial site in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

    “The 30-acre General Motors industrial site that city officials are transforming into a downtown campus for emerging technology companies will have green buildings.” [Dayton Daily News]

    Unfortunately, it will be a lighter shade of green as they are not going to use waterless or composting toilets because they are “too unconventional and expensive.” One day people will get it!

    Of course, Composting Toilet World believes they are forgetting the expense of wasting fresh, clean water to flush waste away with…

    New Spots to Advertise on Composting Toilet World

    There are new spots to advertise on Composting Toilet World. CTW reaches thousands weekly who are interested in composting toilets, the environment and sustainable living. Why not tell them about your product or service.

    Look around and you will see the spots. For example, there is a spot on the right hand side of the main page. You will need an AdBrite account to get started. But, signing up for one is fast and easy to do.

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    San Antonio Park Features Composting Toilets

    The new 8600+ acre Government Canyon State Natural Area in San Antonio has just opened. This park is a very protected place, with some fire pits, tents and composting toilets as the only signs of civilization allowed. There will be no RVs, no showers and no electricity.

    Via Austin American Statesmen.

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    Composting Toilets in a Modern World

    Envirolet® Buzz has a nice little testimonial from a new compost toilet user in the UK who ordered and received their brand new Envirolet® Composting Toilet factory direct from Canada in 7 days.

    Service like this will help bring composting toilets to many more people worldwide!

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    Composting Toilets on eBay

    A good place to look for a composting toilet can be eBay. There are a few up here, here and here.

    Remember, these are auctions so they will disappear!

    Greenthinkers on Composting Toilet World


    We have updated the Greenthinkers on CTW section. Greenthinkers is a popular site environmental issues web site.

    Now you can read the latest stories from Greenthinkers right here on Composting Toilet World.

    Check it out!

    Early Composting Toilet from the 1860s

    We have added the History section. The first entry is about the Earth Commode, an early composting toilet patented in the 1860s.

    The Earth Commode from the 1860s
    For now, check out the Earth Commode that was invented and patented in the 1860s by Reverend Henry Moule.

    The Earth Commode

    The Directions

    The sign reads:

    Patented June 15th, 1869.

    EARTH CLOSET Co., Hartford, Conn.

    The Earth must be dry and sifted.
    Sand must not be used.
    Rise from the seat QUICKLY!
    No “slops” must be thrown down.
    Before using, let one fall of earth be in the pail.

    This is great!

    History Lesson
    So, for all the companies out there who claim to have invented composting toilets in Scandanavia, in the 1970s, you may be mistaken. I think Rev. Moule in Connecticut, USA beat you to it. This does look like a self-contained composting toilet.

    And, don’t forget the Chinese, who have been using compost toilets for centuries.

    Even more info on the Earth Commode can be found on the Outhouses of America Tour web site.

    Old Billings, Montana Building Gets Composting Toilets

    An old building in Billings, MT has been converted into one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in Billings. Of course, composting toilets are part of the new building!

    Some of the improvements include:

    “Energy use in the new building will be cut by 50 percent over traditional office buildings by using such techniques as radiant heated floors (15 percent energy savings), natural day lighting, evaporative cooling (20 percent less than traditional air conditioning) and photovoltaic electrical generation (generating 25 percent of the electrical needs on site). Water use is expected to be cut by 90 percent with water-wise landscaping and composting toilets (saving 30,000 gallons of water a year, using 60 percent less water than traditional offices). From The Billings Outpost.

    30,000 gallons of water is a lot of water saved!

    Read the entire story in The Billings Outpost.

    Texas Conservation Area Using Composting Toilets

    A new conservation area in Texas is going to be using composting toilets in its restroom facilites.

    “Government Canyon State Natural Area opens to the public Saturday, Oct. 15. The 8,622-acre state natural area at the edge of the Edwards Plateau is a special habitat. And it represents one of Texas most significant conservation stories.” From The Advocate.

    Read the complete story in The Advocate.

    Learn more on the Texas Parks & Wildlife web site.

    Composting Toilets Being Used in Disaster Relief Effort

    Composting Toilets are being used in emergency shelters are being set-up by World Shelters for those affected by Hurricaine Katrina.

    Read the complete story in the Times-Standard.

    Composting Toilets on Sale

    Just a heads up…

    There is a sale going on right now on Envirolet® Composting Toilets in the US and Canada.

    Catalogue Downloads

    Links to the Envirolet® catalogue download are now available. Right now, they are on the right-hand side menu.

    Envirolet® Catalogue (.pdf):
    Rest of World

    Wear Composting Toilet World on your Back!

    Help support Composting Toilet World and spread the message of composting toilets with some CTW gear! There are shirts, hats, underwear, dog shirts and more!


    More designs to come!

    Treehouses Added...

    Treehouses have been added to the Applications section. That’s right, treehouses!

    Envirolet® DC12 (12VDC) in Hawaiian Treehouse

    New Countries Added...

    Quite a few new countries were added to the Suppliers section.

    The new entries includes Austria, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Denmark, Fiji, France, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Panama, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan.

    Phew! That is a long list. And more are to come!

    Envirolet New Zealand

    Details for the Envirolet® New Zealand were added to the New Zealand section of suppliers.

    Help Keep The Oceans Clean

    “Come one, come all: Volunteers from around the globe and the U.S. states and territories participate each year, clearing tons of trash from coastlines, rivers and lakes. And it’s coming up soon.

    Each September, hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around the world join forces during the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy. In the past 17 years, more than 4.5 million volunteers from 120 countries have participated.”

    Via Greenthinkers.

    Gotta Go?

    “A Derbyshire tourist attraction is appealing for ‘regular’ visitors to use its special environmentally friendly composting toilet and feed the worms.

    Crich Tramway Village, home of the National Tramway Museum, near Matlock, Derbyshire installed the environmentally friendly worm-composting toilet last year as part of the Countryside Agency funded redevelopment of its woodland area.

    Explains worm toilet project director, Glynn Wilton ‘We get over 100,000 visitors a year and many of them will ride the historic trams to the start of the Woodland Walk and sculpture trail. The composting toilet seemed like an ideal and innovative solution to providing toilet facilities in the woodland area. Unfortunately the worms rely on regular deposits to survive and do their composting work. It seems our visitors aren’t regular enough!’”

    Via Response Source.

    Send Photos, Get Free Stuff

    If you send some photos and a testimonial of your Envirolet® Composting Toilet System, to be posted on Envirolet® Buzz, to buzz@enviroletbuzz.com you will get a free Starter Kit or free jar of Compost Accelerator.

    The Starter Kit is a great seasonal start-up material for your composting toilet system. Compost Accelerator helps speed up the composting process.

    Marine & Boats Section Added

    We have a added a new Marine & Boats section to Composting Toilet World. As you might guess, we think a compost toilet is a great eco-friendly alternative to the oft-used chemical head.

    Sweden Added

    Sweden has been added to the Suppliers section.

    There is also some composting toilet info in Swedish. Envirolet®. Direkt från tillverkaren till dig, var som helst i världen!

    Pure Portugal Composting Toilet Update

    Sophie from Pure Portugal has sent some more information on their composting toilet.

    Pure Portugal Composting Toilet

    We do not really have much info on this particular composting toilet. But, we have posted some info from Pure Portugal. They can build you a composting toilet.

    Cottages, Cabins & Pool Cabanas

    We are hard at working adding more composting toilet info about specific applications. We have added the Cottages & Cabins section and the Pool Cabanas section.

    These sections, like all sections, are a work-in-progress. We hope to contantly add, update and change sections as more news and info becomes available to us.


    The first entry to the new Applications category is the Narrowboat.

    What’s a narrowboat? Well, you will have to go to the Narrowboat section to find out…

    Applications Category

    We have added a new Applications category to the main menu.

    This new section will examine specific applications for composting toilets. Pretty self-explanatory I guess! It will look at the pros and cons and generally discuss compost toilets in some detail.

    But, please be patient! It will take a while to add all applications.

    Looking for a Composting Toilet?

    A good place to look is on eBay. Check out this listing for an Envirolet® DC12 (12v) System.

    The Envirolet® DC12 is a waterless self-contained model. The one available in this auction is in a unique grey granite (stone effect) colour.


    Branched Drain Greywater Systems

    Branched Drain Greywater Systems by greywater expert Art Ludwig has been added to the Greywater Books section.

    A little about the book:

    A decade of experience with dozens of residential greywater systems led ecological designer Art Ludwig to question everything about conventional greywater system design. He stripped away every possible bit of complexity until the essence of a greywater system remained: a pipe network for distributing water from the house to a number of trees around the yard.

    Branched drains provide economical, reliable, sanitary, low maintenance distribution of household greywater to downhill plants without filtration, pumping, or surge tanks. “Branched Drain Greywater Systems” describes how to design, build and use a branched drain greywater system from off-the-shelf components, in just about any context. 51 pages, 24 figures, 42 photos. 8.5 x 11 inches.

    The Toilet Papers

    The Toilet Papers: Designs to Recycle Human Waste and Water : Dry Toilets, Greywater Systems and Urban Sewage has been added to the Publications section.

    This is an older publication from 1978.

    Link To Us Section Added

    We have added the Link To Us section. Of course, it has info on how to link to Composting Toilet World.


    The Comments function is now active on all new posts to Composting Toilet World. You will see the comments link at the bottom of posts. Just click on it to leave your comments.

    You should still send any specific questions to info@compostingtoilet.org.

    New Section & Book Added

    As you may know, we are slowly adding more and more content to Composting Toilet World.

    Today, we have added the Greywater Books section and we have also added the Composting Toilet System Book to the Publications section.

    More information is being added all the time. We will use the News section to try and keep you up-to-date.

    Envirolet Waterless Toilets at OWL Rafting

    It’s great to see so many commercial locations using eco-technology. OWL Rafting, near Ottawa, Canada, uses Envirolet® Waterless Toilets.

    The Envirolet®

    OWL is a world-class rafting resort that offers great rafting down the Ottawa River.

    Read the full story about OWL on Envirolet® Buzz.

    Kabi Organic Golf Course in Australia

    Treehugger reports on the wonderful Kabi Organic Golf Course in Boreen Point, QLD, Australia:

    Kabi is “…18 holes worth of organic certification by the Biological Farmers Association (BFA). Meaning it’s free of “any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and or any other chemicals that are traditional ones used on golf courses.” What’s more, the clubhouse restaurant lists a menu of organic beef, chicken, and herbs. Or feast upon oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruits from the courses’s organic orchard. And if you need to take a load off your hind, then the compost toilets await your deposit, so they can feed any liquid nutrient back to the courses’s forests, via sand filters.”

    A snails eye view of the course

    Wallabies and kangaroos (and snails!) roam the golf course and always have the right of way.

    Kabi is the only organic golf course in the southern hemisphere. Visit the Kabi web site for more information.

    Waterless Urinals

    Waterless urinals are a technology closely related to composting toilets. Both are designed to provide a sanitation solution without the use of clean, valuable water.

    Waterless urinals general have a “trap,” that acts like an S-Trap found on a conventional toilet, designed to prevent odour. These traps generally use a plastic insert or cartridge with some sort of chemical in it. (More research is required as to what the chemical is…)

    A little more about how they work can be found on Treehugger (via a Triple Pundit case study):

    “Conventional urinals use at least three liters of water per flush (about a gallon), whereas flushless urinals need neither water nor a flushing system […] Special glazes give sanitary-ware urinals a pore-free surface, while urinals made of synthetic material have a long-lasting gel coating that repels liquids. The urine flows off the smooth surface of the urinal into a siphon. […] The siphon contains a liquid sealant that has a specific density that is lighter-than-water. This floats to the top, allowing the urine to flow through it and away, taking any odors with it. The liquid sealant remains in the siphon. Flushless urinals have no joints or cracks in which bacteria can colonize. The special surface repels most liquids and impurities. Cleaning therefore involves less cost and effort than with conventional systems, and strong toilet cleaners are unnecessary.”

    Another positive, is that waterless urinals do save a lot of money vs. a standard urinal. According to the Triple Pundit case study, replacing 14 urinals with flushless waterless urinals would amount to a $800 savings.

    Composting Toilets Sale

    Looking to get a composting toilet now? Want to save water now?

    If you do, check out Envirolet® Composting Toilets by Sancor™. They are on sale right now.

    Save $300 in North America
    In the US and Canada you can save $300 off the regular system price until August 16. Go to envirolet.com in the US and envirolet.ca in Canada.

    Save €100 + Free Shipping in Europe
    In Europe, you can save €100 and get free shipping (this is worth about €200-300). Envirolet® Europe ships factory direct from Canada. Go to envirolet-europe.com.

    Those outside of the US, Canada or Europe should go to envirolet.com. Envirolet® has been available factory direct worldwide since 1977.

    Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation

    Construction has begun on the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation in the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park in Alberta.

    The Lakeside Leader reports that the centre will “will be constructed according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system that awards points for green building construction.

    The centre will be heated by a geothermal heat pump, use composting toilets, use 30 per cent less water than traditional buildings of the same size, capture rainwater for 60 per cent of potable water needs and use environmentally friendly construction materials.”

    Fourth Annual Burdock Gathering

    The Burdock Festival is something that readers of Composting Toilet World would be interested in. If you are in the Maine area, check it out.

    From Infoshop News:

    “The Fourth Annual Burdock Festival will be held on August 2-9, 2005 in Starks, Maine. Burdock is a gathering for people to meet and connect with one another and work to create a free and sustainable world. We focus on bringing together people from urban and rural areas as well as people of different generations and cultures to learn, share, play and build solidarity together. We encourage young and old, Mainers and people from elsewhere, and people from all walks of life to come together at Burdock.

    Blooloo Pool Cabana Toilet

    Blooloo, the pool cabana toilet is on its way to a pool near you! Look for it!


    Blooloo eliminates the problem of pool users soaking your house to use the bathroom! Of course, Blooloo uses composting toilet technology. For more info, please contact info@blooloo.com.

    Attention Manufacturers and Suppliers

    We are currently updating our listing procedure. More information will be available soon.

    If you are interested in being listed on Composting Toilet World, please email info@compostingtoilet.org and we will be sure to let you know when complete details are available.

    Questions About Composting Toilets

    If you have any questions about composting toilets, feel free to contact us at info@compostingtoilet.org.

    We are always willing to help!

    Fawsley Fayre Needs Composting Toilets!

    Fawsley Fayre is a private festival for an extended family of friends in the country. It is a weekend of bands, DJs, poets, food, drink and more.


    Composting Toilet World was contacted to see if we had any contacts for rental composting toilets in the UK. The festival takes place about an hour north of London. We do not know of any rental compost toilet systems out there, so we are posting this to see if anyone out there does.

    Ban The Flush!

    Want another reason why you should use a composting toilet system?

    Mother Earth News writes in Alternatives to the Five-Gallon Flush, “Every single time a conventional toilet is flushed, about 40 pounds of potable water is dirtied … usually in the process of carrying away less than a pound of human excrement. Furthermore, each day, the average US citizen pushes the “out of sight, out of mind” handle seven times, and in a year, 13,000 gallons of fresh H20 rush off … to dispose of enough nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to fertilize a 50’ X 50’ garden!”

    Ninth Continental Bioregional Congress at Earthaven

    Trailer Park Girl reports that she is heading to the Ninth Continental Bioregional Congress. The conference is from July 9-17.

    The congress will focus on bioregions. “Bioregions are living systems where every being is connected to, and interdependent with every other; bioregions are not defined by property lines, states, or nations, but by rock, soil, weather, water, terrain, plants, animals, human cultures and human settlements.”

    It is being held at Earthaven, an eco-village in North Carolina. Earthaven is 100% off-the-grid and they use composting toilets and recycle their greywater!

    Greenthinkers on CTW


    We’ve added a new section to Composting Toilet World! We teamed with the Greenthinkers blog to be able to offer even more environment-friendly content.

    Emailing CTW

    Because we just switched hosts for Composting Toilet World, our regular email may be down for a few days.

    CTW email seems to be working fine now.

    New Composting Toilet World Site is Live

    The all-new Composting Toilet World web site is now live!

    Hope you like it!

    July 4th!

    Happy Independence Day to our American friends!

    Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends!

    New Composting Toilet World Site!

    Composting Toilet World is in the midst of a major re-design! The new site should be live within a week.

    Get the Buzz

    New composting toilet blog site! Envirolet® Buzz features information and storeis about Envirolet® Composting Toilets plus others environmental issues and topics.

    Changing His Lifestyle To Tread Lightly On Earth

    One person, motivated by drought and his conscience, is making a difference in Arizona. He has changed his lifestyle so that he treads lightly on Earth. Part of his plan includes adding a composting toilet to his home.

    Name Change

    The World of Composting Toilets or WOCT is now officially Composting Toilet World or CTW. As always, the URL is compostingtoilet.org.