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Pure Portugal Composting Toilet

This is not exactly ower-built, because it is done by someone else. But, it also does not really qualify as a manufactured system.

From Pure Portugal:

“Pure Portugal can build you a basic compost toilet from as little as 300 euros, a fraction of the cost of a water-consuming and environment-damaging septic tank.


Pictured is our most basic design for a compost toilet (photo taken before the door - in this case simply a curtain - or toilet seat were added).

UPDATE: They have sent this link to add to this page…


Sophie from Pure Portugal wrote us that their compost loo is “…a very basic design - a hole dug into the ground approx 2m deep by 1m² with a “shed” on top made from eucalyptus poles and pine planks with a corrugated tin roof. Floor and seat also made from pine planks. It’s been in use now for 2 years (family of 1 adult & 3 children) with no problems at all.”

If you would like more information, including details of more ‘upmarket’ designs, & prices, please visit the Pure Portugal Compost Toilet page or email info@pureportugal.co.uk.”

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