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Jack-a-Loo Composting Toilet in Singapore

Singapore is getting into the composting toilet world:

“Singapore’s first ecological toilet was launched yesterday at Bollywood Veggies, an organic farm in Kranji.

If the experimental project is successful, the National Parks Board (NParks) may install dry toilets in their parks.

Mr Yeong Yee Shyong, assistant director of facilities for NParks, said: ‘We will consider using the dry toilet technology if it is shown to be effective in managing waste disposal in our parks and gardens, without compromising on cost and public hygiene.”

They made a compost toilet, nicknamed the Jack-a-Loo, to see how the technology works for them. Go Singapore!

[Via The Electric New Paper, Singapore]

Do-it-Yourself Compost Toilets

Don’t want to buy a composting toilet from a manufacturer? Want to make one for yourself? This is the section for you.

A word on Owner-Built vs. Manufactured
Composting Toilet World is an advocate for all types of composting toilet systems, owner-built and manufactured. We just want people to use them!

But, ultitmately we believe that it is the manufactured models that will bring compost toilet technology to the mainstream through marketing (see marketing can be good!) and research & development in improved technologies.

To gain public acceptance, manufacturers try hard to make sure their systems function, are simple to use and look nice:

This is simple. The system has to work!

Simple to Use
The system must be easy to use. The typcial consumer is not going to spend the time required to make their own system or to operate it. Keep it simple stupid. Remember, most of us have grown up in a flush it away society. Out of sight, out of mind. Therefore, to make compost toilets mainstream we must try and keep it like this, as much as possible.

Who cares what they look like, right? Aesthetics may be much less important than function and ease of use. But, we must be realistic. People want something nice in their bathroom! A nice looking toilet that uses no water and composts! Sounds like a perfect world.

But, on to the Owner Built Designs.