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The Humanure Handbook, 3rd Ed.

The 3rd Edition of The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins is out now and available from Amazon.com.

Composting Toilet Publications

There are a range of books and journals currently available that can help you with information on composting toilets (and appropriate greywater systems).

A Quick Word on Composting Toilet Books
Composting toilet books can be a great resource of information on composting toilet systems. But, keep in mind that they often promote the do-it-yourself variety over the manufactured systems. There is nothing wrong with this but keep this in mind when reading.

Composting Toilet World is an advocate for all types of composting toilet systems, owner-built and manufactured. We just want people to use them!

But, ultitmately we believe that it is the manufactured models that will bring compost toilet technology to the mainstream through marketing (marketing can be good!) and ease of installation. The average consumer does not have the will or the time to construct their own composting toilet system. The manufacturers are also what will keep composting toilet technology new and innovative through research & development in improved technologies.

The Humanure Handbook

by: Joe Jenkins

A classic book that covers the whole sordid sewage tale and gives the story of the author and how he has been composting his families toilet wastes for many years. Using himself as an example, he shows the simple bucket transfer method and gives plenty of advice on how to build and maintain a composting pile for producing rich compost for the garden.

Self-published, with plenty of humour this book is essential reading for those chosing to go as low tech as possible (and it really should be read by all and sundry for its simple protrayal of the idiotic water based “waste” system we have today!)

You can purchase The Humanure Handbook directly from the author on his web site.

Purchase the Book:
Jenkins Publishing

The Toilet Papers: Designs to Recycle Human Waste and Water : Dry Toilets, Greywater Systems and Urban Sewage (Paperback)

by Sim Van Der Ryn & Wendell Berry